Road Plan

Road Plan

Road Plan is a division of Diamond Road company to help cities with their pavement management and maintenance system. Making a correct decisions on road maintenance and road building is probably going to affect the cities’ budget and the cities’ assets and the way the citizens perceive the city more than any other decision.

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Computers can do some things much better than humans. The Decay Detector uses lasers, cameras, and accelerometers to collect minute details of your road surface.

Road Plan uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the form of an “Expert System” to make accurate pavement maintenance decisions. You are drawing on the knowledge of many “Experts” making thousands of calculations comparing different road conditions and decay and the improvements of many different maintenance options!

Making the very best maintenance decisions can save millions of dollars. With tight budgets every dollar counts.

Services - Road Plan

– The Decay Detector mounts on a pickup and collects detailed information about your road.

– Purchase or rent the Decay Detector 100 from Diamond Road or have Diamond Road collect your roadway information for you.

Road Plan is a sophisticated software package to help you make the best road maintenance decisions.

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Make the best Pavement Maintenance decisions. We can help.