Diamond Road Smoothing

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Diamond Road Smoother

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  • The Diamond Road Smoother is an all-in-one machine that combines a profiler, computer system, water tank, cutting machine, brooms, vacuum system and arrow boards.
  • 8 foot wide grinding allows a full lane road to be cut in just two passes.
  • With combined profiling and cutting, the Diamond Road Smoother is safe to use as workers do not need to exit the cab.
  • A laser system and camera system allows obstacles to be marked from inside the cab. Fully automated after a 1 minute setup period.
  • The Diamond Road Smoother has three speeds: highway speeds, 10 miles/hour when leveling
    wheels are down, and computer-controlled cutting speeds. Top speed for competition – 3 miles/hour.
  • Leaves a smooth road, with a texture perfect for low road noise and traction.  Best of all – SMOOTH.
  • In a 2002 Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) survey, road condition was cited as the public’s number one criterion for satisfaction.
  • A National Cooperative Highway Research Program analysis showed that improved smoothness extends pavement performance life by as much as 50 percent.

Diamond Road provides Diamond Road Smoothing throughout the United States through our rental program. We supply one man and the Diamond Road Smoother you provide the water, traffic control, and the road to smooth.

Our Diamond Road Smoother  has been built already!


Here is a two minute video KSL filmed in Bluffdale, Utah.



Services - Diamond Road Smoother



Use the Diamond Road Smoother to smooth new roads, existing roads, and new patches.


Diamond Smoothing by Diamond Grinding

Smooth bumps by Diamond grinding on your roads before the next scheduled maintenance and after they are newly paved.

Diamond Grinding and Grooving

Patches are difficult if not impossible to lay completely smooth. Smooth all your new patches as part of a yearly smoothing program.




The Diamond Road Smoother leaves a correct texture that:

  • Reduces tire vibration
  • Increases skid resistance
  • Reduces pavement noise

Why have Smooth Roads?

  • Traveling public likes smooth roads
  • Smooth roads last longer
  • Smooth roads are safer
  • Smooth roads save fuel


Call Diamond Road.  Together we will look at your roads you are planning on sealcoating this year.  Smooth your roads first, then apply a sealcoat!
The Diamond Road Smoother can also smooth your concrete roads.