In-Place recycling with Redesign Paver

In-Place recycling with Redesign Paver

Redesign Paver

Diamond Road provides Redesign Paver throughout the United States through our rental program.

The Redesign Paver is scheduled to be completed in 2017.

• The Redesign Paver heats and scarifies at the same time until it reaches the desired recycling depth.
• The Redesign Paver screed is positioned in between two very long averaging arms (about 22 feet). Providing a smooth patch.
• The heat is very precisely controlled.
• The Redesign Paver has large fans that allow us to bring the surface up to the proper temperature rather quickly.
• The Redesign Paver has scarifiers inside that move the material once it’s warmed toward the back.
• The Redesign Paver has many sensors that help control its automatics.
• The Redesign Paver allows the addition of recycled asphalt to be placed in front of Redesign Paver to bring it to level.
• The rejuvenating oil supplied by Diamond Road for the Redesign Paver is specially formulated for recycling. It is rubberized, and it is 100% oil and asphalt.

RedesignPaver concept

Recycle bad parts of your roads with Redesign Paver and smooth them with Diamond Road Smoother